If you have misplaced your phone, or you are concerned about what your kid might be up to past school, you can make use of the GPS technology to track your lost phone and locate it with pinpoint exactness. The methods of tracking a phone may vary, according to whether you are tracking your personal phone or somebody else’s phone. Furthermore, the tracking also differs slightly according to the type and make of your lost phone. Here are some ways of tracking your phone irrespective of the model and make.

Tracking a misplaced iPhone

If you are exercising an iPhone and contain an Apple ID or spyware app on it, you can easily track your misplaced iPhone through your iPad or through any web browser. The Location Tracking has to be turned on, but by default, it is turned on for all gadgets with an attached Apple ID. Then, get into the iCloud website by entering the username and password.

Now, you can find the Open Find My iPhone application on the main page of the site. If you are not having this application, you can easily download it on a friend’s iPhone or iPad.

Then, you click the All Devices-link found on the top of the main page of the iCloud website and then choose the phone you would like to track. The chart will highlight the last recognized location of the phone. If your phone is turned off or out of battery, it will highlight the most recent place the phone was logged in.

Click the mark representing your phone on the chart, and click the “I” key that shows. In the upper-right corner of the chart, you can find the popup window, displaying the following options that you can choose with your misplaced iPhone.


Lost Mode: This mode will lock your lost iPhone and show a phone number that you can be contacted.

Play Sound: This will make your iPhone produce a sound, assisting you to track it down if the phone is lost nearby.


Erase iPhone – If your iPhone has been stolen or you believe it is totally misplaced, you can decide to wipe all of the contents away from the iPhone remotely. This can assist prevent the responsive information from falling into the incorrect hands. Utmost care should be taken while performing this action because your action cannot be reversed once it is done.

Tracking a misplaced Android Phone

The following steps may be quite useful in tracking your phone if the lost phone is an Android Phone.


If you would like to track the stolen or lost Android Phone, first open the Android Device Manager tool. You can download this tool to another Android phone, or you can contact it via a web browser.

When you initially open the application, you will be requested to log into your Google username and password. Make sure that the login information is identified that is coupled with your lost Android Phone.

Subsequent to logging in, the Android Device Manager tool will try to locate your Android Phone. The last identified location will be highlighted in the center of the chart. The particulars of your phone will be displayed in the small window, displaying the following options that you can choose with your misplaced Android Phone.


Lock: This option puts a fresh lock code for your Android Phone, preventing others from using it. You can also send a message that will display on the lock screen.

Ring: This option will make the lost Android Phone ring, making it locate easier if it is misplaced nearby.


Erase: This option will clean the information from your lost Android Phone in the situation it is stolen or totally lost. Utmost care should be taken while performing this action because your action cannot be reversed once it is done.


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